If you are planning on repaving your driveway, you are on the right track to improving the safety and curb appeal of your property. We recommend you consider asphalt paving as a cost-effective solution. It has many advantages, and it can last for decades. Below you can read the top 5 benefits of an asphalt driveway, to help you with your planning. We are confident by the end of this article, you’ll be convinced about the advantages of asphalt paving.

1. Asphalt paving comes with natural flexibility

Did you know that a major aspect you need to look for when it comes to your driveway is flexibility? Well, if you want to use your new paving for years to come, it needs to be designed with flexible materials. An asphalt driveway is made of aggregate, a qualitative and flexible paving material. Your new asphalt paving will be placed on a properly laid base which will support it when an excessively heavy load is on it. Due to its natural flexibility, asphalt paving can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

2. Asphalt paving can face harsh weather with little to no damage

Another impressive benefit of an asphalt driveway is its ability to face harsh weather, especially during the winter months. Snow, ice, freezing temperatures and even high summer temperatures might damage other paving solutions beyond repair. Asphalt paving is designed with flexible materials to withstand temperature fluctuations and the pressures of freezing.

3. Asphalt paving has a competitive price

Many homeowners look for affordable paving solutions. We can confidently say from our experience that an asphalt driveway offers the best value. When you look at your driveway as a long-term investment, asphalt paving represents one of the most cost-effective paving solutions. After the initial installation costs, you will only have to cover some small maintenance expenses over the years. Keep in mind that you should use professional asphalt paving installation services to access the long-term benefits of this paving. Otherwise, you risk damaging your new driveway and end up spending more money.

4. Asphalt paving doesn’t require extensive maintenance

An attractive advantage of asphalt paving is that it doesn’t require extensive maintenance and care. All you have to focus on is assessing the surface at least twice a year. Also, every few years, it is a good idea to apply a seal coat. This protective layer can extend the asphalt paving lifespan and help you to prevent any serious damage.

5. Asphalt paving is a long-lasting solution

Lastly, but not least important, asphalt paving has stood out as the best paving solution to use over the years. The average lifespan of asphalt is roughly 20 years. But, if you have your driveway installed by an experienced professional and perform regular maintenance, you can significantly extend its lifespan.

These are some of the top advantages of asphalt paving you should know about. Of course, there are many other advantages to consider depending on your needs and expectations. We recommend asphalt paving because of its strength, flexibility and that it is fairly easy to maintain, not to mention the overall value. If you have any questions about asphalt driveways, reach out to a local asphalt paving professional for more information.