Asphalt Driveways

Family owned and operated since 1988, C-T Paving is the number-one choice for asphalt driveways in Kitchener and Waterloo. We specialize in creating beautiful, long-lasting driveways that enhance your home’s appeal and value. Our experience, top of the line equipment, and high-quality materials allow us to provide you with asphalt solutions that last.

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Asphalt Driveways Kitchener & Waterloo Area

A new asphalt driveway instantly adds a touch of charisma to any property. With our residential asphalt service, we ensure the use of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our commitment to our client’s total satisfaction is the reason why many of our work requests come from repeat clients and referrals.

A new driveway provides homeowners with peace of mind. Known for its durability and longevity, asphalt driveways are fantastic for dealing with the extreme temperature changes of the Kitchener and Waterloo area. The hot summers and harsh winters can easily break down other materials used for driveways, but well laid asphalt handles these changes by simply shrinking and expanding without causing any damage.

Home Builders, we are available to perform expert contract asphalt installation services that are tailored for your new construction locations.

Durability & longevity

At C-T Paving, we understand the importance of durability and longevity for your asphalt driveway. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure your investment stands strong for years to come. Here is how we achieve exceptional durability:

High-Quality Materials: We use premium-grade mixtures, engineered to endure high loads, temperature variations, and our fluctuating Ontario weather, all sourced from trustworthy suppliers.

Expert Workmanship: Our seasoned, professional team members have the knowledge and skills to carry out every part of the installation procedure accurately. We give great attention to detail, from perfect compaction to smooth edging, resulting in a long-lasting and structurally strong driveway.

Maintenance and Protection: After every driveway installation a member of our team will explain the correct maintenance procedures and provide tips to help you get the most out of your asphalt driveway.

Experience the Difference of Unparalleled Paving Craftsmanship!

Why choose C-T Paving ?

At C-T Paving, we go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction and deliver an experience that sets us apart. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and client-centric approach has earned us a solid reputation that speaks volumes about our dedication to your needs.

Client Testimonials

“The work was solid, the execution impeccable. Customer service-wise- 100 out of 10 :) And…let us tell you a secret: we do believe that his asphalt formula has something magic, maybe some fairy dust. Cause it’s really special. If you don’t believe it, go see Johnny’s work!”

Crinu F

“Our first experience with CT Paving was over 20 years ago when they did my parents’ house. That driveway still looks amazing and still doesn’t need to be redone. We have since used CT Paving several times on our rental properties. Highly recommend!”

Massimo Z., Your Content Goes Here

“Absolutely satisfied! Great crew, great workmanship and driveway looks fantastic. Thank you so much, Johnny.”

Nancy W., Your Content Goes Here

“My driveway looks fantastic!! Even neighbours walking by comment on the great job! I would most definitely, highly recommend C-T paving! If you want the job done right, don’t hesitate, CALL C-T PAVING!!!”

Sophie , Your Content Goes Here

Frequently Asked Questions

We have been providing paving services in the KW area since 1988, we ensure that all of our projects are finished as promised, on time and with a written guarantee. Our dedicated asphalt pavement crews are well-trained, experienced professional and all of our equipment is well maintained and owned by C-T Paving.

Our crew will prepare your home for a new driveway by first removing your old driveway and preparing the subgrade. This ensures your driveway will be durable and will drain properly. Once your sub-grade has settled, our crew will return with the paving equipment and materials and lay down the different layers of asphalt based on your project requirements.

We service Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge and all the surrounding areas including rural residences.

While most of our client inquiries are for residential driveways and laneways, we also provide commercial and industrial parking lot paving services and do contract work for home builders.

We always provide free estimates, we will arrange a time to come to you and provide a quote.

Absolutely not, our in-house crews take care of all C-T Paving projects. Our experienced, dedicated crews are the reason why we can provide consistent, high quality work. They are fully insured and bonded, and many of our crew members have been part of the C-T Paving family since we began doing paving work in 1988.

Our crew will require full access to your driveway. Remove all vehicles from your driveway and garage, and park them away from the front of your home. We request that your garage doors are left open.

We usually recommend staying off your driveway for a minimum or 24 hours, if the weather is warm, we suggest waiting for 48 hours to ensure the surface has cooled.