Sometimes it is challenging to choose between asphalt paving and concrete paving for your home driveway. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and expectations. For many home owners the popular choice is installing asphalt paving. If you are unsure whether this is a good fit for you, we highlight the benefits in this article.

Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about asphalt paving.

What’s the difference between asphalt and concrete paving?

The most common question homeowners ask about asphalt paving is whether it’s better than concrete. These two types of driveway surfaces are similar in some ways, But, they also have some key differences. Concrete is designed with aggregate, it is solid and durable, but it can experience frequent breaking and cracking. Asphalt paving is also made with aggregate, but it features bitumen as professional bound material. As a result, it is both hard and flexible, which makes it suitable for any driveway or walkway. Asphalt is simple to install and remove, and is the more popular choice for home driveways due to it’s long list of  impressive advantages.

Which are the main benefits of asphalt paving?

Eco-friendly pavement solution

One of the advantages of asphalt paving is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Asphalt is created with recycled products and contributes to a safer environment. It is a mix of recycled materials that can last for decades.

Long-lasting solution

Another reason why people choose asphalt paving is its ability to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Asphalt paving is durable and long-lasting, allowing you to personalize your driveway with ease. Overall, asphalt experts say it can last up to 20 years with adequate maintenance. You are easily able to expand this lifespan if you perform preventive surface maintenance as instructed by the manufacturer.

Noise reduction solution

If you are searching for a driveway paving idea with noise reduction properties, asphalt paving is the go-to solution for you. It stands out as a quiet pavement option, and it has excellent noise absorption properties. It is an improved version of a gravel road, and it can significantly diminish the noise. The materials used for asphalt paving have the ability to absorb road noise and support a quiet environment.

Cost-effective solution

If you’re searching for an affordable paving solution, asphalt paving is the best choice for you. It is long-lasting, qualitative, and is competitively priced. You should look at asphalt paving as a long-term investment that will offer you improved maintenance costs.

Safe solution

Another benefit of asphalt paving that we like, is its ability to offer improved safety for your home. One of its major properties is the ability to diminish skids on the pavement. It is a safe solution for pedestrians and vehicles.
This is a high-level overview of asphalt paving. Of course, there are plenty of other aspects that you need to keep in mind, including the area in which your home is located to determine if asphalt paving is right for you. Discussing with an asphalt paving expert can help you understand which paving solution is best for your driveway.